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Here it is right in front of me

Possibly the best example of all time

There are ideas and there is proof

Ideas are slippery always

An exception to the rules

And breaking the rules is where

All the fun is anyhow

Difficult to convince anyone

Your metaphysics or regime

Is better than theirs with all

The exceptions beating up on poor proof

But I feel better because of it

Rationalizations galore here

It works for me

So what’s the big deal

The future

We can’t seem to get this right

We believe we have control

Some control…

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Well of course

Now is happening

Walking down a flight of stairs

And thinking of tomorrow

Not a good idea

How about when driving

Tomorrow needs a separate time

Not crammed into now

Planning time evaluating time

Get away time make up your mind time

When the present gets set aside

And the past as well

Especially that it’s called the past

For a good reason

Fresh time balanced time

Juggling time

Get all the balls in the air

At first they all will fall

Then just some

You will know when

And how many

This is what you…

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Thinking about the

Simplicity of this

And the complexity of

What we heap on top of it

As though we can alter the

Ways of nature our ways

Their ways the way it is

Not again is putting

A boulder in our path

Yes you can walk around it

But you can’t pretend

It’s not there and these boulders

Remember are our doing

Your straight line your path

Becomes a zig zag convoluted

Obstacle course

A pleasant walk spoiled

For no reason

Belligerence more than anything

Feigned exhaustion at life

Then the denial

That there even is

Whatever is up…

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A common claim

A common misconception

From those who would be

Better than they are

Know more have better taste

Without me it is worth less

I know where to go

Select choose

I create it actually rather than

An hourly slave in Indonesia

Listen to me only

Look at what I have done

I’m surrounded by only beauty

Luxury draped everywhere

Your insignificant memories

Shuttled off to your space

Not fitting in somehow

They won’t be missed

Or off to the junk pile

With that other stuff you had before

How could they have let you


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Thank you may be

A bit overused

But it’s nice to hear

Once in awhile

They say it’s the simplest

Thing to say

Doesn’t have to be pulled out

As a formality

Just short and sweet will do

It makes me want to do more

Reach a bit higher

If there’s no thank you

It’s a vacuum I’m looking at

There will never be

A thank you again

It stifles my appreciation

It says so much more

Than the simplest thing

If I acknowledge you

Even a little bit

I’ll discourage you

I want more

You are…

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All too often and too easily

We look back at the

So called mistakes

We have made in the past

We see only one side ours

There are limitless things

We could have done differently

It is our fault all of it

The other side is important

But clouded by us

The whole idea of chance

Circumstance intention

The billions of things that happen

To make each moment of our lives

Somehow left out of the calculations

By us

It is all our doing we are at the center

If this vast whirling disk of songs

Blaring out from…

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This phrase has been tagging

Along in my thoughts

For several days

It might have started

When I was driving past

An homeless encampment

In Seattle in a new Mercedes

A car you can have

A conversation with

There is a lot of mental illness

There everywhere actually

But a lot of it is dressed up

Or held back

Some of us just don’t have

The power to do that

Then the word civilization

Crowds out the other thoughts

I’ve had my doubts about that before

There should be a caveat that goes


Photo by me


It speaks

Open connected

Unique singular

Vulnerable in searching

For connections in

Her inner universe

Questioning vortex

Of ideas equations

Subtleties of truth

Swirls of insight

Looking out at that

Around me

A world with so many

Meanings dichotomies

Inconsistent frivolities almost

If I don’t seek who will

If I don’t question then what

Will come of it all if anything

There is some truth there

But not being lived

For some reason

So I will and do

In my own way and time

That’s how

A small thought or idea

Left here and there

One with an edge is

Amongst you free in a way

Leaving suggestions

Petals in the soft breeze

That flows behind

There’s a sincerity and honesty

That can be seen an afterlight

Noticed and seen

A caring one

An influence for us all

A spark of silver

Flash of light

Photo Alex Lange


it’s just when they

Fly in and out

Not just thoughts

Feelings places that

Itch and need to

Be scratched

A what was that noise

Probably the cat

And emotions

They can just snap

You back a few years

In an instant

They leave a stamp

On the present then

Flutter away leaving you

Covered in ink

It takes a few days

To wash off

At least it did

The last time

And the one before that

Memories different

Than thoughts

Memories are whole

And don’t change

And they come in strings

Strings of beaches

Strings of forests


Photo by me


Let the grass grow

Patches of nteresting grass

Tall and natural

Seed heads swaying

In the breeze

Neighbors will not understand

Crop circles they called them

Dumb neighbors don’t even know

What a crop circle is

Not a tuft of grass silly

They complained

In an oblique way

I cut the grass

Replaced the tufts

With flamingoes

No complaints on them

The checkout person

Confirmed they were a

Breeding pair

Bit of a wise guy me

To ask

I moved to farm country

From the uptight neighborhood

Let the grass grow

Huge patches

A bit of Kansas here

Waves streaming across

This natural spot

Well almost natural

No trees or bushes

I look over my grass

To the neighbor’s lawn

Sterile unmoving

Stifled suppressed

Dead looking

I smile

Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.

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