Photo from Patch


She lived under

The screened in porch

In front of the cottage

Warm evenings we would

Sit by candlelight

Listen to the sounds

Of the night

Crickets and that nice bug

I called him with the

Long constant trill

Sometimes guitar sounds

Vibrating out into the night

From this…

Photo @phix


Not blue not too cold

I’m over that

Mindful you know

Every second counts

Renewed my efforts on that

Now that our Buddha

Has moved on

Long though

Just an observation

Always seems longer

Than the last time

Mid summer will be the same


Hot too but that’s OK

We may have a new Buddha

By then tho it takes

A lifetime to be sure

There may never be another

The way things are going

It may be old hat to have

A spiritual leader or too soon

We seem to be stuck

Sliding backward

Can be good or bad

Sliding forward more like it

Good or bad as well

The days pass quickly

Weeks a bit slower

Months creep

Seasons linger

Still seems longer

Than the last

Bye Nhát

Fare well

Photo @matenal27


It is the deep snow time

When the deer and moose

Lie quietly under the pines

All is still movement muffled

By drifts of powder weighted bow

Ice on ponds tree branches

Crackling in the night

All illuminated by the

Bright orb passing overhead

Bringing day to night

Photo @antsphotography14


Just the word

Moving around in my days

In and out

Seeking definition

A thought that

It was part of

A few days ago

Gone now but it lingers

Was it part of something

More important

That needed thought

A context within

Let’s see

Not what value it has

The effect it has if missing

A person trapped

Within themselves

Punching out at demons

A need to reach out

In some way

The act leaving value behind

Even if it reaches

Only a pet or flower

Wild bird with seed

An invisible bond to being

A part of

A reminder needed deep

In our being

The social animal

Wired for contact

So I write

And publish to the void

It leaves behind

Something of value

I photograph and share

Something of value

Even a wave

Out the window

Or smile

Photo Andraz Lazic


Every now and again

A question gets asked

Me to me

What is that

How do I feel

Strange question

Shouldn’t need to ask

I’m here all the time

Well most of the time

A little zone passes by

The one where all

Things are in balance

No here or there

Just now

And it’s good enough

To take notice

Fall back into

A quiet mind

Things are done for now

Not much in the horizon

The weather doesn’t matter much

In the moment

I catch myself in a sigh

Surprise myself with positive thoughts

About those causing problems

Sounds of the day seem far off

As if in a dream

Happening somewhere else

Where they should be

Slowly todo’s creep

Out of the shadows

It’s OK

Time to get moving

Stuff to do

Photo Simon Burger


The wind today has that

Deep throated cavernous roar

Reaching deep into the woods

Chasing others of it’s kind

Crackling branches tick tack

In the distance straining not to break

Tiny patches of snow huddle on the deck

All blown together by breath

Of passing moon last night


Photo Johnson Chou


I see the beauty

In the melting snow

Grey around the edges

Exposing the untidiness

Left behind

The rock on the beach

Plain in comparison

With the marbled and bright

Neighbors around

The bush in the shade

Of the big one with flowers

Drab with quiet leaves

Unassuming in…

Photo @lg_photography


A yearly ritual

Absurd in its regularity

So ingrained as to

Never think of

Something better

Every spring dig them out

From everything else

You piled there afterwards

Clean the spider webs

Paint carry out get the ladder

Forget the right screw driver

Enlist the help of me the…

Photo Alejandro Luengo



Not again

That insanity thing

Expecting different results

Wishing and hoping

This time it will work

It has to

Rarely does

With this line of thinking

With me never

Think I’ll cut it in half

Then half again

Then to bite sized chunks

Down to what I can do

Right now


I give myself permission

To either do it

Or not

I can have a reason

Every time

Why or why not

That’s a relief

If I do it once a week

That is a success

Maybe twice next week

Good habits bad habits

All habits the same

By definition designed

To be changed

Or whatever you want

To call that

Failure success fate

Cause effect

I’m going for a walk

I’ll think about it


Photo Matt Hardy


Another concept

To deal with

All these ramblings on

About what happened

Stirring up mud

At least in my world

When things settle

To the bottom

It’s for a reason

Making good mud

It’s a way of recycling

All the things that happened

News in this case

Almost always bad

Fires and floods happen

Then the best place for them

Is the mud

Someday it will be rock

Someone will walk on it

Look at the swirling patterns

Of man’s insensitivity

To the planet and others

The minority trying to do good

Banners and blockades

Revolution in thought

Politics medicine peace

All fixed in the rock once mud

This day is just like the last

And will repeat tomorrow

Gosh willing

Stuff and things will happen

Have effects ripple through

The present into history

Dissolve and float downward

Dust settles

On the plains

Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.

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