Photo Randy Fath


Look at life

Walking down the fence

Dragging my stick

From one to the other

Click click click

Something about it

The movement sound

Feeling in my hand

Cracks on the sidewalk

Moving by

Don’t step on one

Or you’ll

A few Phlox

Reach through

Smiling and playful

A little anthill popping up

They never stop

Do they

Always building


Duck under the purple

Butterfly bush

Covered with fluttering life

Click click click

Time seems to slow down

The warmth of

The afternoon sun

Blots in and out

From behind the leaves

Warming my face

The old lady waves

From the screened in

Porch where she sits

All day knitting

For a moment

I feel I’m stopped

And everything is

Moving past

I look

At life



Photo Pavel Anoshin


Something you learn

From New England


Nowhere else

Amid the chaos of youth

Tearing at me from all sides

Was a voice

Not the first

Nor the loudest

Or most demanding

When all had settled

A piece of wisdom

Here and there

Just enough to expose

The wrongs

Reinforce the rights

A reservoir fills slowly

Then remains a body at rest

A scale in a different form

There is a balance

In everything if you know

Where to look

She gave me little pieces

Of life’s map

The one with

Truth on the front

When it folds up neatly

Each piece just

Where needed

And when

I often stop and think

What would she say

About this



Photo @samlydesign


How the world looks

Through beliefs

From others

More interested

In themselves

And what they have

Than the young

Impressionable me

The aging me looking

For a spot to fit into

The old me

Seeking a personal path

Around the obstacles

Of indifference

Illusions are invisible

Therein lies their power

Crush a budding flower

Of the wrong color

The dandelion free lawn

Of intent and control

What will they think

Of me no less

As they drive by

Judging from behind the

Bench of a better car

Than mine

Fashionably dressed


Convinced manipulated

I sit quietly yawn

Look at something

As it is

Perhaps I’ll get closer today

One step is enough

I cast one illusion at a time

Into the dark pool

Of disbelief



Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.