Cliff Wise
1 min readApr 14, 2021


Photo Miguel Angel Avila


It starts when I get on

The wrong train

Easy enough to do

In New York where

They whiz in from

And out to places

You’ve only heard of

Mine only go out

What goes out must

Come in you might think

But I manage to get

On another wrong one

That goes further out

To another place I’ve

Only heard of

Most of this happens

Because I make decisions

Quickly based on the maybe

This is the right train

And it’s pulling out

I even fought last night

To get on the wrong train

Forcing the doors open

Finally I ask some locals

Walk over here and take

This one back to that place

And so I wend my way

Back to where I wanted to be

Then of course I have to

Look for the new apartment

I have a key but there are

So many doors and floors

It was a long night

Tossing and turning but

Thank goodness it wasn’t

One of those nights

I was being chased by




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