Cliff Wise
1 min readApr 2, 2020




If it doesn’t move

It appears

It does almost

Everything that

Moving stuff does

Floats settles

Wafts clogs covers

It has favorite places

Attics corners

Bins mops

Bunnies behind doors

A whole world

To play in

It’s tactile

You can feel it

Wipe it off

Rub it into

Tiny balls

Dust should

Be revered

Not scorned


Not discarded

It’s power should

Be harnessed

And used

For wonderful things

A dust storm

More amazing

Than any other

It envelopes

Carves rock

Drifts acretes

Moves landscapes

I’m thinking about

Dust today

Just to think

About something

Describe it

Concentrate on it

Exercise my mind


A moment

To myself



Cliff Wise

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