Cliff Wise
1 min readFeb 25, 2022
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She passed by last month

Almost unseen not felt

Like the other times

No secret messages for me

No emotions stirred

Quietly I slept unawares

Yet secure in her presence

She swept across the heavens

Pushing clusters of puffy

Night clouds off to the horizon

The sky clear in her wake

Her cheeks filled and blew

Cleansing wind through the trees

In high pitched howls low roars

Across fields and bays

Scouring the last remnants

Of winter’s dust and torpor

Rain and snow mixed next day

Pelting ground and path

A final wash and polish

As if to ready for her next pass

Drawing open the curtains

To another glorious Spring

Words cannot describe

What transpires in the soil

On branches end

From nothing life scrapes

Together tools elements

Spirit memory being instinct

To break the inertia of winter’s

Hug and grasp

Warm days are warmer

Longer days creep into

Every dawn and sunset

Soon she will return

To see what we have

Done and felt


Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.