Photo @bonniekdesign


Another one of those

It doesn’t have to be

That complicated things

But you know I do occasionally

Think about it the why thang

So here goes

Am I doing it for them

Did birds get along for

The last hundred thousand years

Without the bird food industry

Or customers like me

Negative way to start

The bad attitude always

Nudges itself to the

Front of the thought line

With the cynical me

Here’s another one

I think the birds are

Coming because of me

But it’s really the food

And they could care less

About me or my cat

Trapped and chattering

Behind a glass wall

Feed the birds and

Torture the cat

Maybe that’s why he’s

Beating up on the other cat

Doesn’t look like I’m going to

Be able to solve this

With the bad attitude

Clown car driving by

And honking at me

All those ever smiling faces

Gaggeling out at me

I do like to watch those birds though

Try to figure out the different

Oddities and quirks

When I’m not trying to

Figure mine out

They have ‘em too

You know

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