Cliff Wise
1 min readJun 25, 2020


Photo Samantha Kennedy


Early in

The morning

Before the Sun

Begins to roil

The atmosphere

The bay lays quiet

A slab cleaved

Now and again

By a tiny scull

Or sail

The air is

Even scant

Of seagulls

The ubiquitous

Noise and

Trouble makers

No breeze

To hold these

Gliders aloft

In the shallows

Eel grass

Stands eerily

Still glistening

In algae blue

The small

And vulnerable

Poise motionless

To hide in sight

Sound travels

Well and far today

Our clanking

And whirring

Machines seem

To be everywhere

It wasn’t like that

When I was

Young so many

Years ago

The world was

Not as manicured

Back then

I watched the

Still mornings

Alone and free



Cliff Wise

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