Cliff Wise
1 min readOct 5, 2020


Photo teach


Not my idea

I’m sure

Not that I don’t think

Of the impossible

Coming up with something new

Original if there is such a thing

A grasp into the place

Where you’re suddenly something

You didn’t work for

But can take credit

Be admired looked up to

Revered followed

Cure for cancer

I’ve had that one

For a thousand years

Figuring out that impossible math problem

Some smart guy came up with

Making used plastic evaporate

Plastic water

Ending hunger poverty

My thought balloon

Fills with the answer

Just like that

All this is better I would say

Than worrying

About the future

Regretting the past

Letting the present slip away

Without meaning

Or intent

It’s going to if I don’t

Fill it

Now it’s about that magnet

Someone came up with one for iron

Didn’t they

See there’s still hope



Cliff Wise

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