Cliff Wise
2 min readMay 30, 2021


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I’ll not banter about with it

It me I’ve lost touch with

A que a creak in a stair this time

I flashed to a previous feeling

How I was what I thought about

My beliefs all that stuff that

Makes you up at a given time

I liked that person I felt some good

And it wasn’t so difficult

To manufacture that at the time

Then this and that changed

I moved got a job whatever

I kept pursuing what that person

Was after even after I had

Moved into to this different

Set of circumstances

There was a firm bond I thought

Between me and him

A spirit thing unspoken

A promise made with a

Scenic backdrop people

I cared about nearby

Not right there but in the vicinity

Something about never forgetting

Words like always and never

Seeming opposites but not

With the creak of that stir

We were both there at once

A strange conversation

Was about to ensue

Something about why

Did I ever leave

What did I gain by it

It’s that I would not have

What I have now, of course

What I’ve come up with

These people and feelings

Still I lost touch

It was nice to meet up again

I guess there are always

More stairs

More to come



Cliff Wise

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