Cliff Wise
1 min readJun 13, 2020


Photo Steve Harvey



The day off

Forced relaxation

No cares

The clock hangs

On the wall


To do lists

In a mental drawer

The world just moves

By at its own pace

Outside away

On this day off

A bizarre swarm of

Bee thoughts

Hover around my space

Sending in scouts

From all directions

They stay only long enough

To be seen

Then vanish back out

Into the hover

Can’t really get

A handle on one

Before another

Takes its place

A revolving door

Of faceless silent

Pictures fading

Before they set

Hey guys

Didn’t you get

The memo

It would take

A day off

To see this

As it is

A broken record

I carry with me

All the time

It’s always

Ready to play

Im a kid again

I’m my room

With The Beach Boys

And my whirling

Turntable of

A mind



Cliff Wise

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