Cliff Wise
1 min readApr 10, 2021
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The ones we remember

Have us all fighting

Against unimaginably

Hideous formidable

Invincible entities

They seem poised to

Wipe us out

Wipe me out actually

The best ones make

It personal

We start to believe it’s real

We’re in the movie

Then we begin to learn

And understand

The ways and traits

Weaknesses and failings

We compare them to ours

And find a way

One by one they drop away

Not being as clever as us

After all

Relief and joy almost

We might be able to

Live our lives again

And this will be a memory

Just as we feel a

Taste of victory

She appears

The mother monster

What the……

Not twenty foot worms but

The monster that eats them for snacks

We forgot the title of the movie

That’s what therapy is like

Vanquishing threats one by one

Using new found skills ideas

Studies of this and that

I’m getting good at this

On the offensive feeling victory

Then all stops dread and foreboding

The sound track turns to

Doom and gloom evil

And she raises up before me

With my puny sword and shield

The mother crushing issue


Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.