Cliff Wise
1 min readMay 25, 2020


Photo Valeriy Andrushko


Fresh Open Clear

Nice and slow

Questions about

The dreams

I never figure them

Out anyways

So poof on them

It’s the insight

That bread dough

Of ideas and worries

I went to sleep with

All sorted out

Lined up

Standing in formation

Well to be real

Missing a recruit or two

Still in bed

No doubt

And the humor

It’s back

The doom and gloom

Sort of moved off

The stage

There’s a comedian

Out there now

Commenting on my ways

How I let myself

Get sucked in again

It’s a conversation

With myself

A one to one

Without the


I stretch and suddenly

I have a body

And with it

Comes resolutions

To do’s wants

Oh well

Might as well

Get on with it

I’ll pound my chest

Swing down on my vine

And get it done




Cliff Wise

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