Cliff Wise
1 min readMar 3, 2022
Photo Alexander Andrews


My mind drifts

Out there sometimes

Just to look around

At all the wonderous

Stars planets galaxies

quasars pulsars supernovae

I let my imagination expand

Into an infinity of possibilities

There are those who know

The why’s and wherefore’s

Of all this but I’m content

To float unrestricted

By time and distance

Now free I pass through

The present me into

The inner world no less infinite

I let go of earthly ties

In all directions on all planes

And drift among the possibilities

I move at will from one universe

To the other and the next

These are places with no

Past or future

They exist for me to

Explore feel touch see

Consciousness is the

One free bird we have

To not use this is

A crime of the spirit

For this is where

Love and goodness

Hope and joy

Freedom and compassion

The natural states

Smile in all directions

At the same time

In all places

Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.