Photo NASA


New things lots of them

Ways of doing them

Technology replacing in person

Devices on the fritz

Steep learning curves

All sprouting from the garden

Of isolation and solitude

A cold blanket dropped on us

From a place we will never understand

Why me and why now

A constant refrain

Echoing about

Distracting me further

From my own thoughts

My own attempts at reason

And understanding

Spoiled by regularity

Are we so thin of character

As to be bewildered

Cut off from the rhythms

Of the regularity

We complained about so bitterly

Our cuddling past

Of slights and myopic boredom

Minuscule day to day tremors

Recurring ebb and flow

Of work and play


Was it so bad

Have we just found something new

To complain about

Come on man

Get a hold of yourself

It’s not about you

There is a chance to see it

Watch the world revolve

Around something else

Observe see view

Things as they really are

It will pass and with it

The chance to see it

For what it is