Cliff Wise
1 min readJun 7, 2020


Photo Bogdan Karlenko


Watch out

Vacuum ahead

Fill it quickly

Before it grows

Morphs into

Something apparent

Can’t let others notice

You don’t have one

Self doubts

Could arise

Am I capable

Do I still have it

Still it looms

A future mirage

Shimmering on

The horizon of

Today next few hours

Minutes even

Frozen what if

The unimaginable

Should happen

And this swarm

Of inconsistencies

Never gel

Don’t line up

Discipline and ritual

So carefully cultured

Over years

Plop and fizz

In the hangover

Of yesterday’s woes

All this worry

Before I’ve even

Tripped over

My underwear

Maybe I should

Lighten up

And start with a

Cup of coffee



Cliff Wise

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