Cliff Wise
1 min readJul 2, 2021


Photo Alex Lange


it’s just when they

Fly in and out

Not just thoughts

Feelings places that

Itch and need to

Be scratched

A what was that noise

Probably the cat

And emotions

They can just snap

You back a few years

In an instant

They leave a stamp

On the present then

Flutter away leaving you

Covered in ink

It takes a few days

To wash off

At least it did

The last time

And the one before that

Memories different

Than thoughts

Memories are whole

And don’t change

And they come in strings

Strings of beaches

Strings of forests

Clouds strung together

Necklaces in the sky

Experiences are another

Crazy lot

I do stuff just for that

To form a carved in granite

Experience one that

Can’t be repeated

Or forgotten

They wait for me to

Get bored then suddenly

I’m skiing down that

Too steep slope

Trying to hold it together

Really scared

Good spirits

All of them



Cliff Wise

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