Cliff Wise
1 min readMar 16, 2020


Photo Leyra Lebarga


Advanced acceptance

The place where

We should have

The door

That swings

Both ways


Let the fresh air in

Let the choking

Foul smelling

Contaminated air out

Let new ideas in

Troublesome ideas

Don’t let the door hit you

On your backside

On the way out

It’s when reality

Sets in comes into focus

This is the way it is


No ifs ands or buts

OK now what do I

Do about it

Radical acceptance

It’s called

Accept things

As they are

Right now

Until you get here

You are somewhere else

You have given up

Your power

Keep your door

Well oiled

No. squeaks allowed

When it’s here

Whatever it is

You are here too

When negativity comes

Through that door

You are ready to rumble

Not lost in a fantasy

About the past or future

What could have been

What won’t be

Deal with it

This is the real

It is what

It is



Cliff Wise

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