Cliff Wise
1 min readFeb 24, 2022
Photo National Audubon Society


Grey tops light underbelly

Just the right colors

Canadians or at least

Summer residents up there

They’d probably get overheated

Any further south than here

A joy when they arrive

Tight knit flocks

Copying everything

Everyone else does

Skittering around in the seeds

I scatter after coffee

Looking for just the right ones

Yellow beaks so good

At shelling the tiny ones

Looking here and there

Keeping distance from

Bossy sparrows and cardinals

At night they cling tight

Dreaming of vast untouched

Pine forests whispering

Back to the wind

The flush of tasty insects

Nests lined with winter hair

Of deer and moose

Shed or caught on

Branch and briar

Eggs to warm

The wonder of little

Warm bodies reaching up

Every time I return

It warms for a short time

I flit from bush to vine

Joy of feeling full and fat

For the long trip back

Down south as they say

Teaching the little ones

So nice up here

Isn’t it

Cliff Wise

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