Cliff Wise
1 min readAug 21, 2021


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It’s back off time

Squeezing down to what

Can be done inside

Moving about in the car

And dashing out

Stubbing off each errand

A sort of glee to that

And rest from a routine

A short one filled with projects

That build up against the dam

Downstream somewhere

Ten days of planning assembling

Ordering picking up

Then they start or try to

Not before several more trips out

Needing one different screw

Bolts nut gas

Always something

After fits and starts it is

Underway and the sweat

Begins to pour

Tedium as the clock begins

To run is pushed back runs

I’m forced back inside

By the first drops and smile

Out through the window

At the familiar pattering

On the deck the occasional

Plunk on a leaf

It flutters for a second

Then is still as am I

A pervasive sense of calm

Soothes itself through my

Mind and body in a way

Like no other

When plans are cancelled

And we step into the void

Left behind or created

I just watch this friendly rain

For awhile



Cliff Wise

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