Cliff Wise
2 min readFeb 26, 2022
Photo by Me


Drips of ice melt

Slip from the roof

Glint in streaks as they pass

Between the sun and me

Rain from a one dimensional

World in an imaginary universe

A thin layer of snow

Wet and slushy on the ground

Capped with an almost snow crust

Masks the outline of the growing

Unnamed and undefined dirt pile

Waiting in the yard

Remnants from a constant

Rearranging of inner and outer life

What will it grow to be under that

Shady maple whispy branches now

I dream of ponds it does have that look

But is still making up its mind

A terrace perhaps or let the

English Ivy have its way

Turning the lawn into a refuge

For the smaller friends and foes

Nature constantly creeps back

Toward us if we look away

A few new birds up from the south

Tired and hungry no doubt

I’ll scatter some seed

Soon it’s be time to put out

That nesting material I’ve been

Stocking up all winter

Packing material and cotton balls

I intrude into the natural

Way of things perhaps

But I can’t help it selfish I guess

But in a small way

The snow will be gone tomorrow

Or the next day

Exposing more to dos wants

Little dreams and thoughts

Corrections tinkerings

Designs clippings

Fun stuff

Cliff Wise

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