Photo by me


A favorite song

Time to sit in the

Cozy nest I built

Just for this

Letting things stretch out

To their true length

A cat’s sigh before the nap

In a dark corner

I wonder do they dream

Of warm sunny days

Stretched out on the rug


Photo @lucahuter


We are blessed with seasons

Here in the temperate zone

Things stop and start

Begin and end all year long

Except for now when we pause

To enjoy the late afternoon sun

Twinkling low through the Maples

We notice the birds as if for

The first time this…

Photo @jrlawrence


Long Summers on Cape Cod

A beach by the loop

At the end of the street

Hardly ever anyone there

Except for me every day

It was not raining

My entertainment was what

I could make of it

There was no little league or

Basketball games with friends

Photo by me


A strange state for me

Driven through life as I have been

Days filled with doing things

To keep the multi faceted

Anxiety beast at bay

It’s not for lack of need

To do lists hang from every

Thought scurrying around

Behind my eyebrows

Nothing just comes with itself

Photo @ralphkayden


You have to love it

Something somewhere but where

A moving target perhaps

Or an I don’t know

Take good and bad

This is good for you

That is bad for you

What about the rest of

The stuff you eat

Poor stuff it gets left out


Photo @americanheritagechocolate


Only afterwards do we see

The value or lack thereof

Only after the performance

Do we judge it’s worth

Plans are made with hope

Nothing more

The void left behind

Easily filled with other things

In the same spirit

Or nothing at all


Free time unbudgeted


Photo @mrtwisty


Fleeting almost in and out

Without stopping

I reach for the tail and it

Slips through the fingers of my mind

A ghost trail behind then gone

They are not made by me

Different than emotions

Except for the one of loss

Without ever having had

Photo @raphaellodos


I’ve been watching the corn

Planted down the street

Up left and over a half mile or so

Planted first in July

Must be eating corn

Out in Iowa they have two crops

Feed corn they call it

Here we have only one

We always know when the

Photo @safu


It’s back off time

Squeezing down to what

Can be done inside

Moving about in the car

And dashing out

Stubbing off each errand

A sort of glee to that

And rest from a routine

A short one filled with projects

That build up against the dam


Photo @rodlong


It’s the visual

When it’s a fast train passing by

Curves are best

Sometimes you can get them

To hit the horn if you’re

Animated enough

It’s all kids stuff after all

Airplanes too flying low

And showing off like

They do at air shows

Nothing can compete…

Cliff Wise

Book series - Anxiety is not Depression ‘Bring Order to the Chaos’, ‘Daily Reader’, ‘Questions and Answers’. The view from the inside about these disorders.

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